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Our products



Ferrosilicon 65/75 – Ferrosilicon 90 – Silicon metal - Silicomanganese – Ferrochromium – Ferromanganese – Silicon carbide

We supply to the steel and foundry industry in accordance with standard specifications and grain structure.


Cupola furnace briquettes

We produce cement-bound briquettes. Our product range comprises FeSi-, SiC-, FeMn- and C-briquettes. We produce our briquettes in accordance with the requirements and specifications of our customers. Every cupola furnace is “different”.  More than 1000 factors play a role in achieving the best melting behaviour and the metallurgy of the furnace. This is why we have teamed up with our customers to develop the metallurgically optimal briquette in order to achieve a result that optimises both process and costs.



  • Pure aluminium granules min. 99,7% Al from cable shredder

  • Aluminium sheet and cast scrap in different alloys



  • Electrolytic copper granules 1a from cable shredder, coarse and fine in various grain sizes

  • Copper wire scrap “Milberry”

  • Copper sheet scrap „Kerze“

  • Copper refining material, commercial quality

  • Copper scrap, packed, 15 and 25 kg, other weights and dimensions on request



We have worked for many years with the steel industry to develop a purely organically bound FeSi briquette that is ideally suited for heating ferrosilicon due to its excellent metallurgical properties. We produce our briquettes in exclusive conjunction with the company Eifelglut GmbH, the largest rolling briquette works in Europe. Apart from our standard product we can also produce special briquettes tailored to customer wishes.


All products are produced in Germany in accordance with the relevant quality and environmental standards.

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